rfi new feature

Announcing the completion of the following enhancements to Totem BI:

Downstream collaboration of RFI’s: with this enhancement, you will be able to forward answered RFI’s to your downstream vendors and capture responses / attachments all within the RFI collaboration workflow within Totem BI’s modern interface. This feature will allow you to request pricing from vendors with due dates, keep a clean audit trail of “what” was sent to “who” and “when”. No need to refer back to emails and deal with the double-entry inherent with their use.

Rollout of the Submittals collaboration workflow: we are proud to announce the initial rollout of our Submittals workflow. The look and feel of the workflow will be similar to how RFI’s are handled within Totem BI, with the added ability to upload your submittal log using Excel. Keep all of the collaboration around submittals and packages contained within the modern interface of Totem BI. Upload attachments and documents for quick collaboration with external reviewers. With Totem BI’s seamless integration to Vista, we insure all submittal status’ are updated automatically eliminating the double-entry headache.

rfi new feature

The most comprehensive Business Intelligence platform designed exclusively for the Construction Industry using real-time Dashboards, Reports & Collaboration.

Why Totem BI

Having grown up in the Construction Industry, we know how fast-paced work on a project can be. That’s why we designed Totem BI to be able to give you real-time access to the data you need when you need it most. This allows you to make informed decisions to better manage the work that needs to get done.

Born In The Cloud

Fully Responsive

Integrated With Vista TM By Viewpoint

Visualization First

Detailed Reports

Real Time Collaboration

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Fortified with Machine Learning

To effectively manage a project, we know you need to spend a good percentage of time each day in the field and away from a desk; so, whether it be on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop Totem BI is built to be accessed anywhere at any time.

The Totem BI interface is built using the same tools Facebook, Google and other popular web services use to create a seamless user experience. No more blocky, non-responsive interfaces - you will now be proud of showing off a solution that looks as good as it functions.

Core Features

About Totem BI

We are a team of technology enthusiasts that have worked in both construction operations and information technology for large Commercial Construction companies for over 15 years. We got frustrated by the lack of tools available to manage our projects and thought there must be a better way to collaborate and gain quick access to information already housed in an ERP system.

With Totem BI, we have built a solution which seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system with minimal setup required.


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